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Historical tour. Sanlúcar mornings are full of excitement and sunny terrace.  “Sanlúcar and its mornings” consists of a walking tour that will take you through the most representative spots of the Barrio Alto District. We will walk among convents, gardens, palaces, a Gothic castle and a Mudejar church. We will merge with the movement of the Local Market. You will get to know about the most deeply rooted habits of a town that always wakes up happy and alive.


The best way to know Sanlúcar. We will show you the true essence of this little Southern spot. 



Hours: Monday to Saturday at 10.00am  I Meeting point: Cabildo Square I Duration: 2h approx. I Price: Adults from 20€ / Children FREE  (To ask for prices for special groups) I To book in advance






Historical tour. Sanlúcar and lights. Whitewashed walls and lampposts in alleys winemakers. We walk slowly ascending to the Barrio Alto. We will stop to talk about his History and his personality. We will finish the day watching the sunset from the Top of the Castle of Santiago, one of the highest points in the town. History tells that Isabel La Católica saw the sea for the first time since one of its windows. 


The best views of the mouth of the Guadalquivir in the Atlantic Ocean. We'll see how Sanlúcar lights.



Hours: Monday to Friday at Sunset (To ask) I Meeting point: Cabildo Square I Duration: 2h approx. I Price: From 25€ per person /  Children (5-12 years old) 5€.  (To ask for prices for tours with more than 3/4 people) I To book in advance



A historical route to celebrate the 5th Centenary of the First Circumnavigation around the World. Ferdinand Magellan 1519 - 1522 Juan Sebastian Elcano.

September 1519. Ferdinand Magellan and 265 sailors set sail from the port of Sanlúcar to circumnavigate the world. Three years later, only the Nao Victoria, commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano, would see our coast. We will tell you how it happened. Visit the most important places. We will see the 'Bay of Sanlucar' and 'Puerto' from one of the highest points in the town. We taste a cup of Manzanilla in a 'Cargadores de Indias' House.

Hours: Wednesday at 10:00h I Meeting point: Plaza de la Paz - Barrio Alto I Duration: 2h 30min approx. I Price: from 20€ adults / children (5-12 years) FREE (Check prices for special groups)  I  To book in advance.


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